Tracking Publications that Do Not Fall Under the Public Access Policy in My Bibliography

Learn how to report publications that do not fall under the NIH Public Access Policy in My Bibliography.

  1. Enter the publication into My Bibliography if you authored it, or Other Citations if you did not.
  2. Designate the publication as not applicable under the NIH public access policy by first clicking on the Edit Status Logo, and then answering ‘No’ the question “Did the NIH support this citation, in whole or in part?”
  3. If you wish, you can still generate a PDF report for the publications. They will be listed as N/A. These publications can also be listed on biosketches through SciENcv.
Note: if an awardee reports a publication in the publication section of a progress report, they are claiming that it directly arises from the award, and that the publication meets the funding criteria of the NIH public access policy. Refer to Determine Submission Method for instructions on how to post this publication to PubMed Central and report it to NIH.


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