Genomic Data Sharing Policy Overview

NIH expects the broad and responsible sharing of human as well as non-human genomic data resulting from NIH-funded research because the timely sharing of research results can accelerate discoveries that improve our ability to diagnose, treat, and prevent disease.

Other data sharing policies may also apply to your research.
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To comply with the NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy, NIH expects that investigators and institutions:

  • Develop and provide a plan for sharing genomic data as a part of the Data Management and Sharing Plan
  • Provide an Institutional Certification form at Just-in-Time, if working with human data
  • Submit genomic data in a timely manner to an appropriate repository
  • Responsibly use controlled-access data
  • Appropriately cite controlled-access data in publications and presentations

Individual NIH Institutes, Centers, or Offices may have additional expectations (see GDS Policy Expectations by NIH Institute & Center).

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The NIH GDS policy applies to all studies generating large scale genomic data and some smaller scale projects too. Familiarize yourself with NIH’s requirements for genomic data sharing, and the steps you have to take before sharing.


The GDS policy requires the sharing of genomic data generated with NIH funds. Learn where you can submit genomic data, and what steps are involved in the submission process.


NIH has some of the world’s largest biomedical data repositories. Discover what data is available, how to access the data, and what you must do to protect the data you download.