Repositories for Sharing Scientific Data

In general, NIH does not endorse or require sharing data in any particular repository, although some initiatives and funding opportunities will have individual requirements.  Overall, NIH encourages researchers to select the repository that is most appropriate for their data type and discipline. See Selecting a Data Repository.

Browse through this listing of NIH-supported repositories to learn more about some places to share scientific data. Note that this list is not exhaustive. Select the link provided in the “Data Submission Policy” column to find data submission instructions for each repository. 

In addition, NIH provides a listing of generalist repositories that accept all data types.

See Accessing Scientific Data for more information about accessing data from NIH-supported repositories.


NIH-supported Scientific Data Repositories*

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Repository Name Repository Description Open Data Submission Data Submission Policy Open Time Frame for Data Deposit Access to Data Access Type Subject Area Current NIH Funding Support Sustained Support
*Source: Trans-NIH BioMedical Informatics Coordinating Committee (BMIC), Data Sharing Resources