Selective Deposit in PMC

The publishers listed below do not automatically deposit every NIH-funded paper in PMC. Rather, the author can choose to arrange with the journal for the deposit of a specific article; this usually involves choosing the journal’s fee-based open access option for publishing that article. Please contact the respective journals directly for details on their programs.

Did you make arrangements with one of the journals or publishers listed below to have the final published version of your paper posted directly to PubMed Central (i.e. pay an open access fee)?

If yes, you are using Submission Method B.

If no, submit your paper through the NIHMS. See Methods C and D Best Practices.


The journals and publisher programs that have this arrangement with NIH are:

AACR Open Access
ACS AuthorChoice
ASME Digital Collection
AIP Publishing Selective Deposit
APA Open Access
American Academy of Pediatrics Selective Deposit
BMJ Open Access
Bentham Open Access
Cambridge Open Access
De Gruyter Funded Articles
ERJ Open
Edinburgh Open
Emerald Publishing Open Access
European Society of Endocrinology Open Access
FSG Selective Deposit
Hogrefe OpenMind
IEEE Sponsored Documents
IOP Publishing
IOS Press Open Library
International Journal of Exercise Science
JAMA Network
JNSPG Special Collection
Karger Author’s Choice
Liebert Funded Articles
Lippincott Open Access
MIT Press Open Journals
Nature Portfolio
Optica Publishing Group - Funded Articles
Oxford University Press
Portland Press Open Access
RSNA Journals
Royal College of Psychiatrists Open Access
Royal Society of Chemistry
Sage Choice
Society for Endocrinology Open Access
Taylor & Francis Open Select
The Bone & Joint Journal
The International Journal of Tuberculosis and Lung Disease
The Johns Hopkins University Press Selective Deposit
The Journal of Immunology Author Choice
Thieme Open Access
Wiley Open Access Collection