Reporting Publications to NIH that Do Not Fall Under the Public Access Policy

Learn how to report publications to NIH that do not fall under the NIH Public Access Policy.

A. For non-competing continuation awards, use My NCBI to report publications

  1. Create a Commons linked My NCBI account. A video overview is available.
  2. Collaborate with your colleagues to associate publications with NIH awards. Publications entered into My NCBI in the non-journal article citation formats will be automatically marked as exempt from public access (not applicable). You can also designate a journal article as not applicable in My Bibliography.
  3. Report your publications via the RPPR, or generate a PDF report for the publications section of the PHS 2590. These publications will be listed as N/A.
Note: if an awardee reports a paper in the publication section of a progress report, they are claiming that it directly arises from the award, and that the paper meets the funding criteria of the NIH public access policy.

B. Everywhere else you wish to cite papers you author or arise from your funding

  • Provide the full citation.
  • No other designation is required.

Examples and more details are available under Reporting Publications to NIH.